Poultry Processing

In all these years, the Group has established itself in the B2B market by delivering at the highest level of quality quite successfully and now the group is considered a mark of commitment. Carrying the legacy and as part of business expansion plans, the group has laid the foundation of its state-of-the-art poultry processing plant to produce high quality healthy and safe chicken products.

Primary Processing Products:

Healthy chickens are used to produce finest quality, hygienic and tasteful chicken which are slaughtered HALAL by hand as per strict Shariah Compliance. Chicken are then washed inside out hygienically and then they are processed in an automotive manner through most modern equipment. A strict veterinary inspection of all the products is done and our experts collect random sample from the processing line.
Chicken is sorted by weight, cut, packed in bulked packaging in-accordance with specific requirements and placed in designated containers by the automotive lines in the processing hall. They are prepared to ship whole, or packed as bone-in-cuts or premium boneless products. To ensure product freshness our products are blast frozen at a very low temperature of -40 C for about 6 hours.