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Sabirs’ Group is the sparkling name, institutional landmark, inspiration and a symbol of hope on the horizon of Pakistan Poultry industry. The group carries a history that extends over many decades of experience, expertise, patriotism and commitment to provide better nutrition to the nation. In our region, mal-nutrition is the real challenge and its percentage especially among children is really alarming; this distressing situation led to the establishment of Sabirs’ Group with the devotion to ensure availability and affordability of poultry and poultry products for the people of Pakistan, as they are a healthy source of proteins.


Capitalizing on decades of poultry expertise and our commitment to food safety, we have successfully established a vertically integrated poultry production process by managing & controlling all stages of production under strict compliance of our state-of-the-art quality management system.

Breeder Farms

A healthy parent stock is the benchmark for achieving a healthy day old broiler chick…


Our hatcheries are envisioned to be one the largest broiler hatcheries in the country…

Broiler Farms

Sabir’s group is proud to have one of the largest broilers farms in the country…

Feed Mills

Scientifically formulated feed is produced at our own feed mills to ensure balanced diet…

Quality Control Lab

International standard, most modern and well equipped quality assurance lab…

Processing Plant

State-of-the-art poultry processing plant to produce top quality healthy chicken…


The Story of Sabirs’ is a story of love and commitment to quality and heath, spanning decades of experience in the poultry industry.

We, at Sabirs’ believe that your loved ones deserve the most wholesome and hygienic chicken products under the name of  Sabroso, which is in compliance with internationally recognized and recommended health and safety standards. We are proud to deliver the finest chicken form our state-of-the-art to your home, with love

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